Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reform Fucking Champions!

Chase Utley is possibly my favorite non-Cardinal because of that moment. Biden (who maybe could've had a successful career as a stand-up comic), apparently, just couldn't help himself at a historic moment either.

I think we will be giggling about this one for a while. Probably ranks up there with George Bush blurting out "need some wood?" in the 04 town hall debate against Kerry.

Personally, I am proud of Joe Fucking Biden standing up for the rights of long-suffering Profane-Americans. It is a lonely fucking fight. Won't someone think of the goddamn children?!?

* * * * *

I guess, as long as I felt compelled to log in to this neglected blog to comment on Joe Biden being a little excited, I should try to say something worthwhile about the actual HCR thing that hasn't already been said better elsewhere.

Um, well, er, I think Obama/Pelosi/Reid deserve lots of credit. I've given Reid in particular a lot of guff over the past few years for being overly polite & gentle with frauds and liars (and he has one more vote still to not screw up)....but overall I'm just astonished that this is happening in the first place. It's not hyperbole when the media folks say everybody since Truman has failed to get this done.

Plus, I also think that the Republicans are really setting themselves up to be hoist on their own petard when it turns out that those famous death panels are nonexistent. The Republican Party bluffed, threatening the Democrats with the worst rhetoric in the arsenal--Mike Steele is running around telling people this is the end of representative democracy, etc. They went all-in on this, and they fucking failed. Big time. They bet the grocery money that no one would get to find out that they were lying their ass off about the bill, cause they thought they could stampede the nervous Ds away from their own cause, and nobody cares about fact-checking the contents of a bill that was defeated. And why shouldn't the Rs try that? It's a tactic they've employed repeatedly and to great effect over the last 15 years.

Perhaps this is a sign that the Ds have figured out how to counter that tactic: by, you know, fighting back. By risking something. By not being apologetic about telling the honest truth.

And when the sky doesn't fall in tomorrow because of TEH SOCIALISM!!!, I suspect the voters are going to notice. The Party of No kept up too much intensity for too long for everybody to just magically forget in the fall that the Republicans explicitly said HCR = Armageddon.

CW still says the Ds lose seats this fall--and it could still be a lot, because of jobs, & the economy not having recovered for everybody that's not a bank, & the President's party usually loses seats in a midterm--but they probably just cut those losses in half.

Still a long time between now and November, though....