Wednesday, August 8, 2007

one more

When I published the post below, I was thinking this one would require a lot more work than it needed. This one's called Paper Airlines. Chris laid down drums, bass, and guitar on Saturday, and I laid down a synth track last night....I think this is the best drum sound I've ever recorded, it's just awesome. You can hear the cymbals ring forever, yet the cymbals don't sound overly bright; the kick and the snare hit plenty hard, the toms are present without a close mic....and I had two channels to spare!

We haven't tried to play this one with Kevin yet, although I suspect we will....

[EDIT 1/30/08 mp3s taken down per Chris' request....]


Brown the younger said...

Nice. Dig it.

Anonymous said...

Why did Chris M want the Mp3's taken down?