Friday, September 7, 2007

high wind

A pretty nasty storm went through last night....

There was a wind gust at the leading edge of that damn thing that had to have been 60+ mph.

At about 1:15 am Chris and I were doing some mix tinkering when the back door blew open with a bang. At the same time I could hear the rain firing up on the driveway outside....I knew it was going to rain but I wasn't aware of a storm coming....I had seen a Severe TS watch up, but that was further west in Kansas. I started thinking I should check the radar, and no sooner had I started reaching for Mozilla than the power failed. The breaker box made a humming sound for about four seconds and then gave up. I ran to shut the back door and it looked like a movie. I ended up bumping around in the dark for a few minutes before I remembered where the flashlights were, then we spent another five minutes moving all the gear away from where the water sometimes comes in the SE corner of the basement.

Chris, Tyree, and I ended up hanging out on the front porch for a while. Chris waited til the worst of the storm abated and then split, since there wasn't anything else to accomplish in the meantime.

A tree from one of the houses on Campbell blew over and knocked out power to the east side of Campbell and the west side of Harrison. Another tree got ripped in half two doors south of me, blocking the road. At around 4 am myself and three neighbors ended up dragging the debris to one side of the street using the straps off my refrigerator dolly.

Power finally came back at about 2:15 pm, so it was out for ~13 hours. As far as I know, nothing was damaged here, although I want to take a peek at the west side of my garage. It has gotten quite overgrown back there, and I had called KCP&L about clearing the lines before, but now I guess something finally got their attention....

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