Monday, October 1, 2007

holy shit!

Yet another nail in the coffin of the record industry.

How will it do? Who knows....but I suspect it's going to be watched very closely. Simply for that reason alone, I'll send 'em ten bucks. Maybe I'll tack on a few more just for being brave enough to try it. It will be interesting, when it's all said and done, to see who contributed, average per customer, etc.

I love being given the choice: kind of an unamiliar feeling for an audience member, isn't it?

As for the music itself, I'm pretty confident it'll be amazing, and well worth the wait.

By koinkydink, I just listened again to this album closely a few nights ago. That was also released with almost nothing at all in the way of promotion, publicity, fanfare, no touring....


Corey said...

Just wanted to make sure you knew that the Ron Paul billboards you saw were not put up by the Campaign itself. In a comment you left on Kos.

The billboard is end the war, end the IRS, end illegal immigration, can you explain how this is racist?

Also remember whatever billboard you might see was probably not done by the campaign as they haven't done much in the way of advertisement. It's probably one of the 900 something meetup groups who did it independently of the campaign.

Yea pretty positive it was done by the Kansas City meetup group, they have 370 members in your city that have donated something like $230,000 to the campaign and another $25,000 in grass roots efforts. The Ron Paul campaign has done nothing in Kansas City so don't blame them! :)

So much for that heavily democratic area, the Obama group has 12 members :) Maybe you should get more active in your area in politics, get off the internet occasionally those Paul supporters do a crapload offline.

Anonymous said...

You seen what Cantor did to the FISA bill?