Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 Years

US deaths: ~4,000
US wounded: ~29,000
Iraqi deaths: unknown (minimum six figures)
Total cost to American taxpayers: $474B (and rising)

Dear George, Dick, Tony, Colin, and all the rest: hang your fucking heads today, you red-handed criminals.


Eileen said...

Neal, wudja think of THE speech? He has been pretty well inspiring to me.

nb said...

Whoops, didn't see you'd left a comment here....

Seems to me the Dems tend to nominate bland technocrats (Kerry, Gore, Dukakis--Bill C being the obvious exception). Obama is anything but....I mean, Mike freaking Huckabee stood up and said he didn't like the controversy over Rev. Wright's comments. Obama has a really historic chance to convert a lot of Republicans, and if given the chance I think he will.

As far as that speech goes, I didn't see the whole thing, but word is Obama wrote it himself (over the advice of his staff) and even better, didn't use a teleprompter. Wowza.