Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don Cab/band incest/mics/demo next week

Going to see Don Caballero at the Record Bar tonight....opening are two local bands, This Alibi and Sentient, both of whom I've seen before and both of whom rock the fuck out.

Interestingly, Sentient features a guy named James playing guitar....he used to play in a band called Lafayette with Chris and Kevin, the two guys I've been playing with recently, so this should be an interesting evening....a little band incest never hurt anybody.

I feel confident in saying there will be a truly significant amount of ass kicked tonight.


Just picked up some new mics at Big Dude's yesterday....they were having a big sale, so I figured better to strike while the iron is hot. Got a Superlux omni/figure-8 at 100 bucks off and a couple Audio Technica 2020 condensers....these should help with the "live in studio"-type demo I'm doing on Wednesday for a unique jazz band (that's traps, bass gtr, gtr, trumpet, sax, and a manic West African-style hand drummer).

I think these are going to become my room mics, and the mics I already have can be my close mics. I have to spend some time with them and do some A/B comparisons before I can use them properly though....

Speaking of band incest, former I guitarist Adam, swell guy that he is, will be lending me some additional mics and gear, including his sound card (!). I have 8 channels of in/out, and Adam's card will make that 16....with 6 players and multiple room mics, I'm going to need the extra channels. Hooray Adam!


OK, I was going to post a new track from the end of June, but I have a lot to say about it and this has turned into a longer post than I wanted it to be, so I'll save it for later. Check back tomorrow.


Eileen said...

Neal, hope your night out rocked. Wudja think of the CNN Youtube Dem debate?

nb said...

I missed the entire thing....the player refused to load and I don't have cable. Wudju think?

Eileen said...

I got it on youtube -- it was kinda broken up in different parts, but the best thing was a snowman icon who cried that her son wouldn't survive if we don't do something. It was very un-politicanly, but of course they are politicians who know their audience.

My basic question: Who the fuck do I give time and campaign and work my butt off for, like I did for Kerry? I respect your opinions, I think you are very well-informed, so if you got any direction for me, bring it on.