Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday night!

I want to make this an everyday thing, but it's hard to get to every single day....anyway, it's been crazy last couple of days. Last night we re-recorded the keyboard-only demo from a couple days ago. Chris played drums and bass and I redid the Rhodes part. The drums are mostly the new Premier set I just got, with the exception of the kick, which is "Thumper"--Chris' converted 24x14 marching bass drum. The Premier kick has a very good sound, but Thumper is pretty unique sounding and I thought that drum would fit better with the song.

So the rough mix sounds pretty good....kick drum sound needs some work, there's a couple timing issues in the third section (where it goes to 3/4), and it still needs guitar....the Rhodes had a lot of amp hiss in it; I denoised it but I'm thinking I may just re-re-record it instead....the denoising killed some of the brightness that I was enjoying so much from the new amp....been trying to write some countermelodies but haven't come up with anything solid. I might just leave that part to Kevin, we'll see.

P.S. Jerry-who-is-providing-my-hosting-gratis-therefore-he-is-asskickin' requested that I post the following links to his YouTube and MySpace pages.

[EDIT 1/30/08 mp3s taken down per Chris' request....]

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