Monday, July 16, 2007

sound check

Would it be wrong to post "FIRST!" in the body of the first post on my own blog?

Maybe not wrong, but in poor taste....and this blog can't afford to have bad taste. So instead I'll post some mp3s of tunes cooked up here in my basement.

In addition to music, I have a number of opinions, philosophies, and pet theories about music (and other topics, naturally) that I've been wanting to kind of spray out into the Interwebs for a long time. And now's my chance.

So, in celebration, let's get started....

Here are the four mp3s that are currently up at my Myspace page. I'll get some more recent material up very soon, like later tonight or tomorrow.

All mp3s are 128k. I think I will end up marketing higher-res mp3s files thru Snocap or something in the future, but for now these at least get the idea across....

> corona 4:08/3.8MB
> lapis lazuli 6:18/5.8MB
> lost weekend 3:22/3.1 MB
> lower algiers 9:02/8.3 MB

All four of those tracks are very different, but they're all me (except for the samples....).

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